Spring is in the air! Seeds are being planted and soon they will sprout up, right alongside our new restaurant site in East Nashville. Very Symbolic…

We are very honored and excited to be a part of The Food Revolution with our plant-based culinary offerings!Our goal is to inspire and empower you be the best version of yourself possible and live an optimal life. We look forward to seeing you and serving you once SPARK opens late in the Spring. Our storefront at Charlotte PK is not open at this time as we restructure the set up in anticipation of the restaurant opening a few months from now.
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Cheers to your health!

HOPEOur 100% Plant-Based foods, Gluten-Free foods are designed to promote digestive health and strengthen the immune system by containing ingredients that go beyond basic nutrition. We soak and/or sprout our nuts, seeds, beans and grains to unlock vital nutrients. These “pre-digested” foods are much easier to assimilate, therefore allowing your digestive system to focus on feeding your body the good stuff while allowing the nutrients to provide optimal benefits.

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We welcome 2014 with open arms and grateful hearts as we anticipate the opening of our new restaurant SPARK in early spring. The construction of the new development is moving along nicely at the corner of Fatherland and 11th St. in East Nashville.


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